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Three components of ExisOne, web based ExisViewer, ExisStudio and data warehouse are all designed for rapid implementation (as little as 24 hours), shortest learning curve and fastest response time.

With a little help from IT and no need for consultants, Wizards in Exis Studio can help you setup ExisOne easily and rapidly. The data warehouse cross-links and aggregates your data so that the ExisViewer can present actionable information in about 2 seconds to decision makers anywhere with access to internet. While we have made it easy to access your data, we have kept your data secure using passwords and encryption. Try it now.

ExisOne license is available in three editions; Lite, Standard and Enterprise. All have identical features. The difference is in the size of ExisOne database and number of processors in server. It is priced simple as monthly license fee which includes updates and support.

With hosted solution the studio client is used to upload all data to the hosting service provider. With both hosted and stand alone configurations you access ExisViewer using a browser using an encrypted secure connection: https://www.exisone.com

How about trying out ExisOne with your company’s data? Contact us and we will create a prototype for you with your company’s data.

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